Meet the Collection

Surprise and nostalgia await you in these highlights from our permanent collection.

Connecting through COVID

Take a curated journey through a unique collection that explores how we connect in times of crisis. 

Meet the Collection

Photograph, City South tunnel, Liverpool and Pitt street

Sputnik transmission

Photograph, Postman of the 1940s

Teleprinter keyboard

The Telephone – How it works

Telephone cover

Blasting machine

Photograph, James Melrose with aeroplane My Hildegarde

Submarine Cable

Prismatic compass


Photograph, Floodwater pole repair

Mobile telephone

Hearing aid

Speaking Clock

Portable radio

Double-needle telegraph instrument

Text telephone

Photograph, Miss H.C. Felton, Postmistress, Tintaldra

Automatic exchange telephone


Oral History, John Riddett, Part One

Marconi Kryha cipher machine

Telephone instrument


Pedal generator